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Letters to the Editor

February 4, 2015
Westfield Republican

Pointing out the successes of Town of Westfield

Dear Editor,

I'd like to point out some of the successes that we have had in the Town of Westfield. Over the last several years, the Town Board has been working to gain funding to add reliable water service to Barcelona. After forming the new Barcelona Water Benefit District, we obtained a low-interest loan of $335,000 and through persistent work by Martha Bills, we also obtained an additional $750,000 from a USDA/RD grant.

One of the issues we faced was how much of the project would be done by outside contractors and whether or not it would be a cost savings to do all or part of the project using our Village and Town workers. They worked well together on the East Main Water project where we experienced clear and substantial cost savings.

We received bids for the project in alternates, dividing the work by pipe size: 12" piping as one; 8" as another; and 6" or less as another. The total bids by outside contractors came in well in excess of our limit of $1,085,000. At that point, we divided up the work in a way that allowed us to proceed. By using our Village/Town employees to put in the smaller lines, and accepting the low bidder on the 12" pipe, we were able to proceed with the project. A total savings over contractor bids of roughly $250,000 was realized by using our own resources, and quite frankly it was our only option if we were to proceed at an affordable cost to Barcelona water users.

Having spent many days observing the Town and Village workers, I can say that they work well and efficiently together. They have only a few hook-ups left for spring, as well as the cosmetic repair in landscaping. It is a job that our workers can be proud of and a great example of what a Shared Service can be.

I will try and present more examples of other projects in future letters. There are many great things in Westfield, and our Town and Village employees have proven they deserve our praise.

David Brown

Westfield Town Councilman

Congratulations to Westfield soccer coach Jay Pikiewicz

Dear Editor,

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the Westfield Academy and Central School's varsity boys' soccer coach for being named the "Coach of the Year" by the Jamestown Post-Journal for the 2014 soccer season. This is the most recent of multiple awards Mr. Pikiewicz has earned this year. I know that I have mentioned it before, but I feel lucky and blessed that our boys have a coach who stresses sportsmanship as much as, or more than, any other aspect of soccer. Mr. Pikiewicz obviously likes to have a winning team, but his desire to make each student that he coaches into a better person first is what makes him outstanding. Not only that, he recognizes the value of academics and the arts in the lives of his players, and appreciates those facets of his team members as well. That is extraordinarily rare. Westfield is so fortunate to have coaches like him in its school.


Karin Cockram



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