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An act of Mother’s Day kindness from a stranger

May 14, 2015
Westfield Republican

Dear Editor,

This morning I have to write of a kindness I received when I never expected it, like they say, "Out of the Blue." I just stopped into Family Dollar and picked up a few things. I was standing in check out when a young man carrying a very large bag of dog food was next in line. He saw a bucket of Mother's Day flowers and looked at them and said to the check out girl that they smelled pretty. I said if he took them home to Mom, she would be very happy. So he thought about it a few minutes and put them on the counter and paid for them and to my surprise, he turned to me and gave them to me and said, "Happy Mother's Day!" I have never seen this young man in all my life nor has he ever seen me. He looked like he worked hard for his money and him handing me the flowers meant more than words could describe. I was not his mother and was totally shocked to tears, surprise, and joy.

He had no idea how much my heart was hurting for I have had a very hard time coping with the death of my husband and daughter-in-law in just a matter of months. So when he handed me those flowers from the kindness of his heart, he made my heavy heart just a little lighter and outlook just a little brighter, knowing a complete stranger can turn your sadness into gladness. Still they are gone and my heart grieves for them, but it now has a spark of sunshine.

I would like to thank that young man for he was a gentleman and for his kindness to someone who really needed it at that very hard time in her life. He made a difference, and you never know when you will be "Blessed." Of course I gave him a hug as it was the only reward I could give him, but God will give him a bigger one. It's the best gift that could have been given to me at the time. Thank you.


Marcia McCormack



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