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Moseyin’ Along

Suggestions for the National Weather Service

May 29, 2015
Westfield Republican

I have a great respect for the folks who predict and report our weather.

The National Weather Service and the local forecasters work together to keep us posted on what's coming our way. They put out understandable and accurate forecasts to help us plan our days. There's no question these folks perform an important service for all of us.

But I, for one, would like to have the Weather Service and the local weather reporters lighten up a bit.

Day after day and season after season, we're bombarded with hard news from our weather folks: blizzards, severe thunderstorms, tornado watches, hurricane warnings, flood alerts. All the notices are designed to make us aware of the dreadful stuff that may be lurking just around the corner, weather-wise.

It's news that's necessary. It's reporting that's vital. But it's also enough to keep us biting our nails.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if, from time to time, the Weather Service would add some mention of the welcome weather we often experience?

A heads-up on a rainbow forming in the eastern sky would have all of us scanning the heavens for a glimpse of one of those lovely after-the-rain gifts.

The folks at the Weather Service would also be in the ideal position to pass along Spectacular Sunset Alerts and Star-Studded Night Advisories.

We could even get Good Hair Day notices and Magnificent Cloud Formation flashes.

Such upbeat disclosures would help us swallow the bad stuff we're constantly hearing on the news.

For instance, if it's true we have 40% chance of rain, it would also be correct to predict a 60% chance of sunshine.

I'd appreciate knowing if I can expect gentle breezes for my weekend picnic or find out if I need to take a raincoat to the football game. And fishing enthusiasts would be happy to learn where the fish have been biting lately. The Weather Service could consider such announcements a public service.

All in all, I expect adding this good-news type information to our weather forecasts could stretch these segments of the TV broadcasts by a few extra minutes. But I'm sure there is some bad news we could cut from the traditional portions of the program for a change.

After all, I'd much rather hear about the possibility of an evening of shooting stars than learn what Hollywood couple has just changed partners again.

So, if you have the chance to speak with your favorite weather guy or gal, put in a suggestion that they start sharing some smile-producing information along with their warnings.

I'm waiting for a weather forecaster, on some steamy day, to report, "Yes, we're in for another 90 degree afternoon, but the water temperatures in area lakes are just right for a cooling dip."

That would be refreshing in more ways than one.



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