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Here we go again, folks!

August 13, 2015
Joyce Schenk , Westfield Republican

The stage was decked out in a patriotic mix of red, white and blue.

Each of the ten hopefuls was well dressed in a suit, a sincere tie and the obligatory warm smile.

It was an impressive panel ... senators, governors and one tycoon (rhymes with "typhoon, a strong wind").

The event, later described as "the most watched political debate in history," was the opening act of what promises to be a very long and very contentious race for the post of President of the United States of America.

For those of us out here in the grass roots, the fact that this debate took place on August 7, 2015 makes the months ahead promise growing levels of stress for he entire country. The reason, of course, is that we won't be given the opportunity to vote for President until Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

For the next 15 months, our lives will be bombarded with political rhetoric with no let up.

But, back to this first debate.

Most of the men on the stage have a long history of public service. Donald Trump, however, has a long history of service to Donald Trump.

The attention Trump drew was not due to his gift for giving inspiring speeches. Instead, everyone was waiting for the timeless quotes Trump can be counted on when he inserts his foot into his mouth.

And, on this night, true to form, it wasn't long before he began the pattern that continues to make his every utterance worthy of a quote.

One writer who described Trump's comments as "characteristically bombastic" drew universal agreement from others reporting on the debate.

In addition to making the veiled threat, "I will not rule out a third-party run," "The Donald" refused to apologize for the crude comments he had made about women in recent speeches.

He also took time to criticize Fox moderator Megyn Kelly for "being unfair." And, as he often does in such situations, he hinted that he would retaliate in some fashion.

The other participants had short opportunities to present their stands, but much of the debate was focused on Trump.

Although Trump envisions himself as the Republican standard-bearer, I have a hard time believing voters will take him seriously as he continues on his course of being gross, but calling his words simply being blunt.

However, I do feel a bit left out. Trump has criticized so many elements in societywomen, Hispanics, gays, and on and on. So far, he has failed to take on my corner of society and throw some of his Trump-isms at eighty-year-old grandmothers. When that happens, I'll begin to take it personally.

In the meantime, with the election still 15 months away, there's only one way to cope with what's ahead for all of us.

Join hands and pray!



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