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End of Republican caucus suggests cabal

September 24, 2015
Westfield Republican

Dear Editor,

As promised in closing my last letter there is more to follow. This time I'm addressing my party, the Westfield Republican Party. I have been an active participating member since joining when I reached voting age. My understanding is that until recently a caucus was held by the Westfield Republican Party to nominate candidates for positions on the Town of Westfield board and Town Supervisor. For reasons that have not been explained to the community the caucus process was eliminated, and now candidates are selected by a small group of Republican party members. Why was the caucus process eliminated? Why weren't all registered Republicans included in the discussion that led to this decision?

By eliminating the caucus, and then not publicly seeking candidates to run for seats on the town board and town supervisor, it suggests to me that the cabal running this town has tentacles in both parties. If people are going to have trust in the system, those in power in the local parties should be communicating with the community and encouraging candidates to come forward to run for office.

If we hope to improve our struggling village and town, we desperately need new people with fresh ideas. Take a look around: vacant businesses up and down Main and Portage streets, a declining population, abandoned homes and commercial properties, and a marina resembling a ghost town. To top it off, now the town is in the real estate business? No one knows better than I that when you challenge the status quo, you make enemies. But that is what leaders do, they challenge the status quo and look for better ways to do things for the overall benefit of the community. We do not have that now.

We cannot survive or thrive with only a handful of people deciding who should be in power. So those of us not privy to this clique need to step out of the shadows and use our power in the voting booth to say ENOUGH! The alarm is ringing louder!

Barry Underwood




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