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Plan A gives way to Plan B

October 22, 2015
By Joyce Schenk , Westfield Republican

When I was in 11th grade, I decided I wanted to go into some area of the medical field. I thought often of becoming a nurse, one of those angels in white (remember the days when all nurses wore white?).

I shared my plans with my older brother, Alan, my hero. He had just graduated from medical school and was interning at St. Joseph Hospital in Ft. Worth.

To encourage me, Alan managed to find a place at the hospital where I could volunteer some time during summer vacation.

I was thrilled.

Though there were no openings for volunteers in the nursing service, the lab supervisor said they would be happy to have me any time I was available.

That summer was an eye-opening experience for me and one that changed my plans. Now my Plan A was to become a Registered Medical Technologist and put myself through medical school. I wanted to follow my beloved brother and become a doctor.

I worked at St. Joseph for two summers and after I graduated from high school, I started my college training in Medical Technology.

As I neared my final year of college, I met a soft-spoken airman with warm brown eyes. But, I had no intention of letting romance sway me from my plans.

George, a shy young guy, would soon be discharged from the service. He told me he planned to go back to Pennsylvania to rejoin his family and look for a job.

Though we each had a Plan A, God had His own plans for the two of us. Thanks to His Plan B, we were married in February 1956.

For years, we were far too busy starting a family, earning a living and settling in a home, to make long-term plans. Instead, life rolled along day by day.

While our trio of kids.Becky, Sherri and Timwere still small, we moved to beautiful Findley Lake, built our dream home, bought the Findley Lake Hardware and joined the Findley Lake Fire Department. Life was busy and life was good.

After our trio grew up, I went back to the lab work I so enjoyed. And, I began to dabble a bit with writing for the local newspapers. Plan A was to juggle both as long as possible.

But, after twelve years in a job I enjoyed, the boss told me one fateful day that the lab was being phased out. I was laid off.

George and I took a few weeks to talk over the future. We decided since Plan A was cancelled, it was time to turn to Plan B.

For him, that was continuing to work in the hardware store until we could find a buyer. My Plan B was to increase my writing output in order to increase our income.

Well, it's been almost 40 years now since that pivotal time. My Plan B, pursuing a writing career, has given me wonderful experiences and introduced me to fascinating people. And, though it continues to be short on income, this career has definitely been long on satisfaction.

Looking back at the road I've taken, I've come to realize that having a Plan A gives a goal toward which to strive. But the wise person will always leave the door open for the plans that God has for each of us, those Plan Bs that seem to come out of nowhere and lead to blessings never dreamed of.



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