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Westfield Village Board has budget talk

April 7, 2016
By Amanda Dedie ( , Westfield Republican

A recent Westfield Village Board meeting kicked off with a discussion about the general fund budget. The board first wanted to clarify some information about the state's tax cap.

"Everyone assumes it's a 2 percent tax cap, but it's a maximum of 2 percent. If it goes up to three, we have to stay at 2 percent, but if it's lower, we have to stay where we are. We had to meet the tax cap and provide the state with an efficiency plan. The state put a tax freeze, so any amount above what you paid last year will come back in a refund check - that should have been received in the past couple of months. Your taxes are not increasing once you've received your refund," explained Treasurer Rebecca Betts-Paternosh.

The police report for February stated that the police had 14.25 hours of overtime and 24 hours of holiday pay for a total of 38.25 hours of overtime. There were 20 penal law arrests, 67 vehicle and traffic tickets, and other minor offenses.

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Photo by Amanda Dedie
The Westfield Village Board discusses the general fund budget at its recent village board meeting.

Trustee Dave Brooker spoke up to give his input on the Westfield police department.

"There have been articles about Silver Creek's contract with the county sheriff's department for services. That tentative agreement was approximately $385,000, and the information given is that one car will patrol the village beginning in April, and two cars during the summer months," said Brooker.

"I'd like to point out the phenomenal asset we have here in our village, for not an awful lot more than that," Brooker continued. "We have 24/7 coverage of the village and town, property checks, business to door checks and people working for our department know people in town, compared to the sheriffs who wouldn't know the people they go out to see. I hope everyone realizes what an asset we have in our local police department I'd hate to see us give up the police department."

The Westfield fire department reported that there were 50 calls during the month of February; five fire calls, two motor vehicle accidents, 40 EMS calls, two service calls and a false alarm call at Absolut.

It was also announced that there will be a new Westfield fire chief starting April 1, as current fire chief William H. Bills will be stepping down from the position.

The recreation department announced the end of its roller skating season, which went on for 13 nights and had "good attendance overall," according to head of the recreation department Andrew Webster. The department is also now accepting applications for summer jobs at Welch Field for certified lifeguards or staff members at the field house.

Code enforcement officer Bonnie Rae Strickland reported that there was a total fee of $100 for two zoning issues, and said it was a slow month for the month of February.

Historian Marybelle Beigh will be out of the state on vacation for April, and stated she is working on getting things accomplished beforehand.

The public works department had 5.5 hours of scheduled overtime, and 28.55 hours of emergency overtime for the month of February.

The electric department stated they had 44.7 hours overtime, four emergency call outs, and one extended workday for the entire crew for trauma call. The department will be going out for bid for annual electric supplies.

The sewer department worked 16.4 hours overtime in February and had one call out for a power outage. The department was approved to go out for bid to get a contractor to haul sludge to the landfill.

In February, the water department had 27.3 hours overtime. The department will be going out for bid for Water Pollution Control Facility/water department annual supplies

Betts-Paternosh reported no overtime.

Village clerk Vincent Luce reported no overtime.

The board received a request from the heads of the Little League teams. There are 160 kids this year, so three new teams. Little League wanted approval for its opening day parade and ceremony, scheduled for May 7. The parade will start at 9 a.m. at Tops and end at the Little League field.

The teams also requested to be allowed to use the village's PA system not only for the opening day parade, but for the 9-10 year old's All-Stars Tournament in July.

The board approved the parade and the usage of the PA system for both events.



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